Hearts and Hands - Why nonprofits matter

Recently, I was featured in an article by Joy Leisen for The Petoskey News-Review regarding my work with HeadWaters Land Conservancy. Below is a brief excerpt from the article, but I encourage you to read the full article.

“We can help preserve agricultural lands, undeveloped tracts of forests, scenic landscapes and our region’s sensitive wetlands, streams and lakes,” said Paul Kogelschatz, office manager. “As a community-based organization, we also have an interest in preserving areas that are connected to our community’s natural heritage. It could be a farm, pine barren, forest or a river. We work with landowners, local conservation organizations and government agencies to protect a variety of lands throughout Northeast Michigan. Together, we protect land forever.”

HeadWaters Land Conservancy also manages the Sturgeon River Preserve located on Whitmarsh Road, which is open to the public.

“Community conservation areas like the Sturgeon River Preserve are becoming increasingly important assets to our community and to HeadWaters Land Conservancy,” Kogelschatz said. “They are areas for recreation, exploration, contemplation and relief from the busy modern world. They provide the space necessary for wildlife and vegetation to thrive. They buffer human impacts across the landscapes, and they offer the unique opportunity to provide direct community services through publicly accessible areas and educational outreach programs.”



Source: Petoskey News-Review